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About Pathways

Pathways is an exciting networking event that takes place in March every year. Individuals and businesses come together to discuss current trends and employment opportunities in broadcast journalism, film and media production, animation, visual effects, gaming, digital media, public relations, and photography. You can get a taste of this year's event by watching the video below or exploring the site further. The 2019 site will go live in January but feel free to email us if you have a query -



Guest Speaker Dan Walker

BBC Breakfast host and Football Focus presenter, Dan will be a familiar face to most of you. He began his career at Hallam FM after studying at University of Sheffield! Hear Dan’s tips on how to make a career in television, there are sure to be plenty of good stories along the way.

Guest Speaker Mark Borkowski

Mark is a world renowned PR agent and author with an interest in the history of public relations and the art of the publicity stunt. He has a column in the Guardian.. And is an unmissable speaker - there’s sure to be celebrity, scandal & plenty of publicity stunts.

Guest Speaker Debbie Howard

Actress for 25 years starring in many popular television programmes such as Life on Mars, Coronation Street and Holby City. Over the past ten years she has made several shorts for Big Buddha Films, both fiction and documentary. Debbie also directs television, recently working on Doctors for BBC1.

Guest Speaker William Connolly

Commissioning Editor at Gay Times, it’s a meteoric rise for the Sheffield Hallam journalism graduate who only left university 4 years ago. He’s also been a theatre critic for Vada Magazine. As the commissioning editor of Gay Times, Connolly helps amplify voices from across the LGBTQ community via the historic and iconic original gay magazine.