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Shucase is an opportunity for Sheffield Hallam students to showcase their best works of art and media to peers, passersby, and industry professionals. Come along to see the best and brightest Digital Media Production, Film and Media production, Animation, Games Design, Photography, and Journalism have to offer!

WELCOME TALK followed by a Panel Discussion and Q&A on How to Make a Successful Career in the Creative Media Industry, featuring Debbie Howard, Brain Baglow, Nick Crossland, and SHU graduate William J Connolly.

Debbie Howard is a writer/director at Big Buddha Films and has had starring roles in shows such as Coronation Street and Holby City; Brain Baglow is the founder of the Scottish Games Network and has worked on big name titles like Grand Theft Auto; Nick Crossland is a Creative Director and creator of "digital things" at Joi Polloi, a sheffield-based digital agency; and William J Connolly is the Commissioning Editor at Gay Times, a meteoric rise for a Sheffield Hallam graduate who ony left university 4 years ago!

A Photography Talk with Paul Herrmann

What next after you graduate? Through Redeye, Paul's worked withhundreds of photographers. For this talk, he willl distill the common essentials for career success across all types of photography, concentrating particularly on making the most of your last few months at university.

Herrmann runs Redeye, a photography network providing support and advice to all photographers. He’s been an editorial photographer since 1986. Some of his most popular subjects are Art/Entertainment, Education, Politics, Current Affairs and much more.

Talk on Radio Journalism with Calum Macdonald.

Macdonald is a producer and presenter at BBC Radio 5 live and BBC Radio Scotland, as well as a reporter for Radio 1 Newsbeat. He’ll be talking about how he got his foot in the door at the BBC, the new skills you need in a newsroom, and how to get experienced without any help!

Talk on Virtual Reality (VR) with Ben Carlin.

Artistic Director of Epiphany VR, Sheffield's newest virtual reality creative company, Ben explores new paradigms of digital storytelling through VR and AR technology.

Talk on Animation with Cosmic Monocle's Dan Hodgson and Liam Hall.

Co-Founders of Sheffield-based animation studio ‘Cosmic Monocle’ after graduating with masters' in Animation at Sheffield Hallam University, Dan has produced animated stings/idents for the Sheffield-based music Festival: Tramlines, and Liam created content for Sheffield Hallam’s MAC department blog and worked as Media Assistant at Sheffield Hallam.

Cosmic Monocle's latest work was animating a children’s story ‘Share Some Secrets’ which tackles child sexual abuse.

Talk on the Games Industry with Sumo Digital's Jim Woods and Aardvark Swift's Sharan Bassi.

A Senior Development Director for Sumo Digital, Jim has been a Development Manager and then Development Director at DMA Design, working on Grand Theft Auto, GTA2 and the start of GTA3. He was an Executive Producer at Codemasters, and then moved to SEGA Europe for 11 years, becoming Director of Development Services.

Sharan is a Senior Recuitment Consultant at Aardvark Swift, a Sheffield-based Games, VFX, Toy and Animation company. She helps graduates land their first job in the industry of their choice, whether it's games, tech or animation!

Between Jim and Sharan, you'll be able to get to grips with what a successful games/animation company is looking for, and how to get your foot in the door.

Talk on How To Get Ahead in Public Relations with Rosie Sobieraj.

Since graduating from Sheffield Hallam in 2014, Rosie has worked as a senior account executive at a Sheffield PR agency, Communications Officer at Rotherham Council, and is now Communications Officer for National Policing. Find out how she's carved out a successful career in PR, marketing and comms and get some tips about how to use your time at university to set yourself up for a colourful career.

Talk on Magazines with the Regional Magazine Company's Hannah Sanders and Slimming World's Sara Ward.

Hannah is a feature writer for the Regional Magazine Company, and one of several SHU graduates who’ve forged a career at RMC.

RMC produce glossy lifestyle magazines, business publications, and high quality cookbooks. They also have a habit of hiring top journalism and media graduates from Sheffield Hallam!

Sara Ward is Editor of Slimming World Magazine. Prior to that she was Deputy Editor of Take a Break and Acting Editor of That's Life magazine. Sara will share her great tips for impressing editors, and why a career in magazines doesnt have to mean moving to London!

Talk on Working for a Film Company with Cat Marshall.

Cat is a Production Supervisor at Warp Films in Sheffield. Warp is an independent film and tv production company responsible for many all-time classics like This Is England, Dead Man’s Shoes, Four Lions and Submarine

Keynote Speech from Dan Walker.

BBC Breakfast host and Football Focus presenter, Dan will be a familiar face to most of you. He began his career at Hallam FM after studying at University of Sheffield! Hear Dan’s tips on how to make a career in television, there are sure to be plenty of good stories along the way.

Keynote Speech from Mark Borkowski.

Mark is a world renowned PR agent and author with an interest in the history of public relations and the art of the publicity stunt. He has a column in the Guardian, and is an unmissable speaker - there’s sure to be celebrity, scandal & plenty of publicity stunts.